Windows Notepad


NotePad SX Pro  v.1.4.1

NotePad SX is a fast, pro, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor, the great looking replacement and upgrade to standard Windows Notepad. It gives an ability to feel the power of plain text editing with many additional features

Notepad GTI  v.1.904

Full-featured replacement for Windows notepad with a lot of new and extended features like: Row and column counter, selectable fore- and background colors and fonts, search and replace function, printer preview, insert date and time, insert character


Xint  v.4 3

Xint (pronounced 'zint') is an alternative to Windows notepad, with dozens of useful functions.

TxEdit  v.5 5

TxEdit 2000 is an easy to use ASCII text editor that makes a nice replacement for the standard MS Windows Notepad. Multiple documents can be edited using this MDI editor. TxEdit includes options to quickly find and replace text.

CncCoder  v.

The free CNC Editor Use cncCoder instead of Windows NotePad or WordPad. Color and/or bold highlighting can be enabled or disabled instantly showing as much or as little highlighting as you want. Fully functional - No time or file size limits.

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scEDIT - Free Download - An editor for your source code and also a replacement for MS Windows Notepad planning to make the environment more green, courtesy of, pay day loan

EncryPad  v.1 9

EncryPad is a simple plain text encryption with an interface very similar to Windows Notepad.

CFDButton  v.

Have you ever had to work with Windows™ notepad, for whatever reason, and found yourself frustrated that it only has filters for Text Documents (*.txt) and All Files. And you need to look at *.log files or *.

Nocs  v.2 2

Nocs is a C#/Windows Forms project that utilizes the Google Document List API for synchronizing text documents with Google Docs. Nocs is a Windows Notepad - style application that uses Google Docs for synchronizing text files.

XAML Cruncher  v.

XAML Cruncher lets you interactively type XAML code and see the object it creates. The program has all the features of Windows Notepad (including File Open and Save dialog boxes, printing, and a font dialog) and customization features.

NotePadXP  v.

This text editor is an enhanced form of the traditional default Windows notepad. Notepad has a variety of different features and functionalities, which are not provided in the traditional notepad software.

Notepad2  v.

Notepad2 is a code editor program and a replacement for Windows Notepad. It supports different programming languages, such as HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, Javascript, etc.

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